PCB artwork of 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

PCB artwork of 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

12 Chinese Zodiac Signs include Rat, Ox, Tiger, Hare, Dragon,Snake, Horse,Sheep, Monkey ,Rooster, Dog and Boar! and there are many interesting stories.

A long time ago, the Jade Emperor decided to select twelve animals for human beings in order to give humans time that belongs to human beings.

As a result, the mortal animals launched a competition for the “Zodiac King”. At that time, the cat and the mouse were good friends. Before going to the mass meeting, they went to sleep and agreed who would wake up first. the mouse had to go quietly alone on the second day and ignored the cat. Therefore, on the day of the group of beasts, the mice were early. Therefore, the rankings followed by the cattle, tigers, rabbits, dragons, snakes, horses, monkeys, and dog pigs.

On the day of the Tiangong Chinese Zodiac, the Jade Emperor ruled that it was necessary to arrive at the Tiangong at some time. The twelve animals that arrived first were the zodiac. The pigs knew that they were stupid and slow to walk. They got up in the middle of the night and rushed to line up as a zodiac.Because the road was far away, there were many obstacles. The pigs climbed to Nantianmen, but the time of the Chinese zodiac had passed, but the pigs pleaded for it, and the other five animals also pleaded for it. Finally, they finally moved the gods and put the pigs into Nantianmen. When it was the last zodiac. In this way, horses, cattle, sheep, chickens, dogs, and pigs “six animals” have become the zodiac.

Therefore 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs is very important traditional culture . so making 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs one the circuit board is so meaningful and creative! The following are the PCB we made.

Dragon PCB artwork:

Dog PCB artwork:

Horse PCB artwork:

Sheep PCB artwork:

Rooster PCB artwork:

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