Global rigid copper clad sales in 2018

    Global rigid copper clad sales in 2018

According to Prismark’s statistics released in June 2019, global rigid CCL sales reached US$12.402 billion in 2018 (see Figure 1, Table 1), with an annual growth rate of 2.2%. After a double-digit growth in the year of 2017 (19.1%), in 2018, it returned to the original trend of “slow growth”.

Figure 1:

Table 1


In 2018, sales of global special and special resin-based copper clad laminates (mainly referred to as high-frequency high-speed copper clad laminates and substrate materials for packaged carrier boards) reached US$2,962 million, a growth rate of 16.4% in 2017, and a significant increase in 2018. The momentum of growth is still rising, with a growth rate of 31.7% in 2018. Its share of total global sales of rigid CCL has increased from 18.5% in 2017 to 23.9%.

In China, the sales of rigid CCL in 2018 was US$8,450 million, accounting for 68.1% of the total global sales, ranking first in the world. Its annual growth rate is the highest, 2.9 percentage points higher than the global annual growth rate.

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