Yageo raises prices again: R-chip resistance rises 80%

Yageo raises prices again: R-chip resistance rises 80%

According to the Economic Daily, the supply chain revealed that Yageo increased the price of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) by 50%, and recently increased the price of chip resistor products (R-Chip) by 70% to 80%. It will take effect in March. Higher than the MLCC, it is also higher than the original expected increase of about 50%.

Yageo resistance soared 70% to 80%

Yageo raised the quotations of two major products one after another within a month, causing heated discussions. In response to the large price increase of resistors, Yageo said on 24th, Feb that the price is determined by market supply and demand, and it is currently working hard to meet customer demand for urgent orders.

It is understood that the current resistance increase is as high as 70% to 80%. The main reason is that there has been a serious gap in the previous supply. The increase in supply is much slower than the increase in demand. Inventory level is a serious alarm, and it has dropped below 30 days, which is only 50% of normal inventory.

Coupled with the resumption of work by China mainland manufacturers, although the short-term demand is affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the industry is still worried that when the subsequent demand rises, there may be a crisis of shortage of materials. Therefore, it is still actively pursuing materials and starting inventory replenishment, which has caused demand to climb all the way. Considering the severe imbalance between supply and demand, Yageo launched a large price increase mechanism, effective March.

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